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Owned and operated by the Bergamo family for over 50 years. Ray Bergamo, a New London businessman, was hired as general manager in 1961. Late the following year Bergamo purchased the marina, beginning a four-decade tenure. Current owners, sons David and Peter, changed career paths & joined the firm, working with their father until his retirement. Peter’s son, Adam, who grew up at the marina, worked summers through high school and college and full-time for over 20 years assisting David in the service and maintenance aspect of the business.

Legend has it that during the latter part of the 19th century, the facility was a rug cleaning facility. The marina began in the 1900’s with a Canadian gentleman selling fuel from a 5-gallon container with a hand pump. The city and marina flourished during the early 20th century. Large, expensive yachts were often seen at anchor, owned by some of America’s famous families. Over the years, the marina has been owned by many local families, including the “Burr” family whose descendants still live in an adjoining town.