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Testimonials from our wonderful customers

It was the only place I could have found or did they find me?? Without a prop I was going nowhere, but the help from every one Dave Pete Adam and Billy could not have been any better and the rest of the guys on the dock that made my stay if not the best, at least in the top 3. If you end anywhere close you must stay a while at Burr’s Marina- you won’t regret it.
Captain Dave, Key West

This is the best marina in New London! Dave and his crew will bend over backwords for you. The got the $#!* kicked out of them by "Sandy" in 2012 but they just hunkered down and did the repairs that needed to be done and the marina got back in order.
Captain Dena H., Orcas Island, WA

The facility could use an update, but it has two washers and driers, fuel and water, restrooms, cable TV and some of the nicest and most interesting liveaboards you're ever going to meet.
Captain Jeff J., Bayfield, Wisconsin

We had picked up a mooring at the City mooring field, and during a bad storm, our dinghy got punctured by the City dinghy dock. So we came back to our dinghy, and limped out to our boat. Called Burr's, they said they could take care of us right then, sent a guy out to get a hyperlon repair kit. Want to thank Dave, Adam, and Bill for a great repair job and their hospitality. This is a family owned marina for 3 generations. It is not a fancy/pretty marine, but a working place who can fix your boat at a reasonable price and get you back on your trip. We stayed at a mooring which was right off the fuel dock. If you need work in New London, CT , this is where to go.
Captain: Joe K, Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Mr. Bergamo:
This letter is to express Rosemary’s and my appreciation for what we feel was unequaled service. We will have a long passage, indeed, before we find a yard where the interest, courtesy and imaginative helpfulness are surpassed. We arrived back at the Chesapeake safe and sound, without any mishap. We’ll be looking forward to visiting you, Pete and Dave next trip up.
Yours very truly,
William D.

Dear Dave:
I want to thank you once again for your wonderful help last weekend. The wind was howling and our engine had failed. It was very comforting to have the luxury of both a mooring and dock space. You run a first class operation and I will be sure to return and let my cruising friends know my good experience with Burr’s
James F.

Dear Sirs:
I would like to again express my thanks for the manner in which Burr’s and its personnel handled my engine problem when the Coast Guard towed me in with a disabled engine. Everyone at Burr’s was so courteous, helpful and interested in solving the difficulty it made our stay an actual pleasure even though difficult circumstances were involved. I particularly wish to commend your mechanic for his efficiency, courtesy and persistence in solving my engine problem He worked under very difficult conditions since my engine is very hard to get to and also, the weather was exceedingly hot which did not deter him. I am sure you realize that he is a most unusual fellow and you are indeed fortunate in having him as an employee. Next year when we are cruising we plan to stop again at Burr’s but for purely pleasure, hopefully, because everyone was so nice.
Thanks again.
George K.

Dear Sir:
I want to take this time to thank you for your integrity in our dealings this past year. It isn’t often that I have a chance to thank someone for their courtesy and consideration. Thank you again for your good work. I hope the next year will be good for you, your business and your family.
Very truly yours,
Charles W.

Dear Sirs:
We had opportunity of staying at your marina on Monday, July 3rd. The circumstances we found ourselves in upon arrival were not the best. The situation was greatly aided by the prompt and courteous service of Adam. On the way in we let the dock attendant, Adam, know that my wife Barbara had been hurt in a fall on the boat on the way over from Block Island and she would not be able to help in the docking of our boat. In addition we would need to get her to nearby hospital as quickly as possible. Adam took extra care in getting us in to the dock. Then he went beyond what most people would do. He did not just call a cab at our request. He personally drove Barbara and I over to Lawrence and Memorial Hospital. Many would say no big deal. It was only a few blocks. That has not been my experience in the past few years. Most would have an excuse not to serve; call a cab and be done with it. Later Adam returned to the hospital to pick us up and bring us back to the boat.
I realize he is the son and nephew of owner/operators. Regardless all should be proud of him. He is a fine young man. The next day we found everyone else at the marina that we came in contact with to be pleasant as well. Under the circumstances we had a pleasant stay. I am not certain when our plans will take us back to your area. If and when it happens we will always be certain to make arrangements to stay and/or gas up. Be assured that we will speak highly of our experience. Hopefully the good word will spread and you will receive additional business.
Thank you again.
Michael F.
Providence, RI

Twice this summer we had occasion to use your marina. Our boat is a rather small sailboat, and it has been our experience to be somewhat overlooked and shunted aside in the hustle and bustle of a busy marina. However, in each case when we called at Burr’s Yacht Haven, we were treated with the utmost courtesy and consideration. We even felt that your employees went out of their way to be helpful to us when we were having trouble with your outboard engine. Such treatment should not go unnoticed, and that is the reason for this brief note of appreciation. Please be assured that we intend to make Burr’s a port of call on our future cruises and to spread the word among our friends who cruise of a marina that “really cares”.
Loreign D.
Lincroft, NJ

Dear Peter & Dave,
I want to thank you both for being so accommodative and helpful. You and the people who work for you always provided assistance when I needed it. I know you and your people went way past what was expected and I thank you for that. Have a great season! Hope to see you again.
Jim M.

Dear Peter, Dave and Adam,
We would like to thank you for everything over the last 2 ½ seasons. You guys were great. Very nice place. Thanks for helping the new owners with the boat.
All the Best,
Joel H.